Trend Alert: The Comeback of the Monogram

The one thing better than having accessories and products that are your own is having them personalized with your name or initials. Thus, the beauty of monogramming. This reintroduced trend is becoming a new sensation all over again due to its traditional history and classy look.

Monogramming style has been around a lot longer than most people may think. This stylish trend was used centuries ago when the Romans and Greeks put initials and names on coins to signify which rulers they served or where they came from.

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Since then, monogramming has taken on a whole new identity in the form of personalizing accessories from bags and hats to necklaces and more.

The need for personalization has sparked the interest of many consumers who enjoy the concept of having items fully adorned with their initials and identity. The demand for monogrammed accessories has opened the door for specialized shops and even young entrepreneurs.

According to, the original form of monogramming requires three letters for the first name, last name, and middle initial.  The traditional form of monogramming state that the first name initial goes on the left, middle initial goes on the right, and last name goes in bigger font in the middle. This type of monogramming is still the preferred style for consumers today. Although, the term monogramming can now be defined to mean using full names or just one letter from your name.


Throughout time monogramming has managed to have a longstanding relationship with fashion and purpose.  The monogram became a symbol of high society during the Victorian period when it was adapted for personal use. The roots of the monogram give insight in to why people still love it now.

In the last year there has been an increasing trend in monogrammed accessories and products. Which poses the question: Why are monogrammed items making a comeback? The answer may lie in that of increased social media attention, the popularity of it amongst sorority and fraternities, and its appearances in the wedding and baby industry.

“I wish I was rich enough to monogram everything I own. I even made a monogram for my wall,” says Jennifer Arteaga, a student at University of Iowa.

This trend has managed to inspire interest and create huge demand so quickly because of the attention it has received from the Greek system. Much like the Greek letters that fraternity and sorority members sport as a symbol of their Greek status, so are other monogrammed items. A trend like this suits the Greek lifestyle and is something relatable to groups like them that they can take to a higher level.

“I first started seeing monogramming when I joined a sorority. However, from a social media perspective I think the rise in monogramming is due to Pinterest,” says Arteaga. “You see all the cute photos of things being monogrammed and it makes you want it because everyone wants something personalized.”

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The spike in monogrammed items, such as bags and jewelry, can also be due to social networking sites and the various advertising techniques they use. Facebook and Amazon monitor users activity in order to classify which ads to display.

“My ads on Facebook have turned into a ton on monogramming or Greek websites where you can customize stuff. It makes it easier to shop, “ says Arteaga.

Social media has made it easy for people to buy, sell, and advertise their products. For people who create these monogrammed items a popular site they use to sell them is called Etsy. Etsy is a website where you can “buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies.” Etsy goes on to boast that it is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. Through this, many users sell their products such as monogrammed front pockets or “frockets”.

An example of "frockets"

An example of “frockets”

Much of the interest for monogrammed creations has stemmed from increasing interest from a younger demographic. People see the trend of having personalized items and they want something of their own as well.

Monogramming gives the consumer a sense that their style and accessories have a high-end quality. Furthermore, it gives them more possession over their items and truly makes them their own.

“I feel like having monogrammed things gives off a more upscale style,” says Arteaga. “ I would rather have a monogrammed item than one that’s not. If it gets stolen your initials are on it, and it’s personalized. In fact, I just bought a monogrammed ring.”

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 For customers looking for places to get monogrammed products there is a wide realm of places and sites that can make you a truly one of a kind monogrammed creation. Some of the more popular sites include and

Kevin Rooney, the vice president of merchandising at spoke to the Wall Street Journal and expressed why he believes monogramming demand has been on the rise.

“There is just a perceived higher value. It’s a nicer gift, ” says Rooney. He goes on to say that the definition of monogramming has also changed over the course of time and new consumer demand. “ While a traditional monogram is three letters interlocking to form a single symbol, shoppers now consider any arrangement of initials or even a single letter to be a monogram.”

At there are vast products that you can monogram including cookware, jewelry, pillows, and more unique items such as signs, wall art, and wine cellar signs.

Another monogramming site is, and caters to a female demographic.

“We have always loved monograms and their sophisticated and southern appeal. Growing up in the south monograms have always been big!” says Sarah, a representative from Marley Lilly. “ We are just happy that the rest of the world has caught on and the trend continues!”

The representative also went on to describe their development as a company, “The business continues to grow each month.  We are so grateful for our new customers and all our loyal returning customers.”


“The last couple of products that I’ve bought have been from,” says Arteaga. “Their monograms are perfect for what I want and I am always so impressed with whatever I order.”

Due to their success in the monogramming industry some of their best selling items are mainly jewelry, hats, bags, and other unique items such as, bathing suit bandeaus, flasks, robes, and cell phone cases.

“We can monogram pretty much anything. We try to find items that appeal to customers and ones that we feel confident putting on our site,” says Sarah, the representative for Marley Lilly. “All of our items have been very popular. We love our Luxe clutch and so do our customers!”

Older, more traditional stores have been monogramming products for years. Since, monogramming demand has risen these services are being utilized at a higher degree. Stores such as Tiffany & Co. and Charles Tyrwhitt, a London based menswear store, have offered monogramming for years.

Tiffany & Co. has been around since been around since 1837 and has been a staple in American jewelry and a symbol for premier craftsmanship and quality. One of the moves that have helped to cultivate this reputation for Tiffany & Co is that they still engrave and monogram their jewelry. Through this we can see the longstanding relationship with fashion and upper class style. This is the section where people can personalize many gifts including: necklaces, charms, cups, rings, corkscrews, cutlery, and much more. Their high-class standing has added to the status that monogramming holds in this day and age

Charles Tyrwhitt focuses on high-end menswear with the option of stitched monogramming for their clients. The menswear company was started in 1986 and since then, they have reached a high level of success and have new locations now set up in America. The prestigious store is now located in Washington D.C and New York. The option to monogram their clothing plays in to their mission and dedication to their clients. They allow you to choose what type of fit, style, and the placement either on the chest, sleeve, or cuff to place your initials.

Another reason for the resurgence of monogrammed merchandise is due to weddings and other celebrations such as baby showers and dinner parties.

There are now a wide range of products that can be specialized for events and festivities. For baby showers you can monogram clothing, scrapbooks, baby blankets, and stuffed animals. For weddings you can monogram tableware, rings, and clothing. For the guests of these weddings they can give the bride and groom personalized gifts that they can cherish for the rest of their marriage. Monogrammed gifts are the perfect fit for anyone giving or receiving the gift.

Even some celebrities are noticing the monogramming trend. Model and Actress Molly Sims took to her blog to share her excitement over this new craze.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the monogram. It’s one design element that just never seems to go out of style! It’s a thoughtful way to personalize a gift for someone else and a fabulous way to add a custom touch to your own home décor,” says Sims

She refers back to her own monogrammed napkins that were used for her wedding and insists, “Whether you take a classic approach to the monogram or a more modern one, you just can’t go wrong!”


Another Actress, Reese Witherspoon has fallen in love with this new trend. She spoke about her adoration when it comes to monogramming and what types of monogrammed rules she lives by.

“My sheets are monogrammed, and so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if its not moving, monogram it,” says Witherspoon.


Monogramming provides people with the level of personalization that is missing from their personal belongings. It allows them to feel special because they have items that are now unique to their own lives.

Customizing products also makes for nice gifts and add that personal touch and thought. Either way you look at it monogramming is a trend that looks like it’s going to be sticking around for a while, seeing as it never really left.

Monogramming is clearly a reborn sensation amongst a diverse amount of people. Whether you’re from the U.S. or the UK there’s something to love about this trend. From students and parents to celebrities and more, there is something that can be monogrammed for everyone.

Do you have any monogrammed items? If so, let us know from where and what kinds in the comment section below!

As Always, Stay Lovely x.


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